Leave a Legacy With Your Wealth
Let us assist you in building wealth that can be passed on from one generation to another.
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Bond With a Fixed & Regular Income
We will help you generate fixed and regular income with our investment & financial planning services.
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Unbiased Advice​

Unbiased Advice​

Unbiased financial planning focused on your growth and profit.

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Personalized Planning​

Financial planning customized as per your goals & budget.

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Transparent Execution​

Helping you attain peace of mind with our transparent procedure.

Helping People
Attain Financial Peace From Last 18 Years

To simplify the complexities of the financial world and help every individual attain economic independence, Lifetime Investment Services was conceived in 2002 in Lucknow, India. Ever since our inception, we have been assisting people in Financial Planning, Strategizing and Managing their wealth and investments through personalized products such as Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Mutual Funds, Fixed Deposits and Bonds.

We firmly believe in establishing long term and fruitful relationships with our clients. Whether someone wants financial planning to fulfil their responsibilities or possesses a desire to build wealth and generate regular income, we streamline their finances in such a way that lets them attain complete financial freedom.

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Our Services

Attain complete financial peace through our personalized products & services along with strategic financial planning.
Life Insurance

Life Insurance

Secure your family’s financial future with a life insurance plan suited to your needs.
Health insurance

Health Insurance

Secure your long term savings by securing you and your family’s health.
Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds

Create wealth by investing in Mutual Funds as per your budget, goals and risk appetite.
Get personalized services & products for efficient financial planning.
Fixed Deposit

Fixed Deposits

Get a secure and predictable form of income through Fixed Deposit investment.
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Simply grow your money with low involvement of market risk by investing in bonds.
Get personalized services & products for efficient financial planning.

All Financial Services Under One Roof

From Life Insurance to Mutual Funds, and Health Insurance to Fixed Deposits & Bonds, We are a one-stop avenue to build, protect and manage your wealth.
Our Work Process

Our Approach To Personalized Solutions


We start by acknowledging your Income, Expenses, Risk Appetite and Financial Goals, before moving towards your financial planning. 

Research & Analysis

After the acknowledgement, we put ourselves in your place to analyse the situation and research suitable & personalized products to offer.


After analysing, we come up with a customised and personalized solution to let you achieve all your financial goals.

Why Choose Us?

We are a team of certified financial planners with a multi-aspect approach to all your financial planning.



Our every service and product is personalized as per your goals and return expectations.
cost efficient


With ethical advisory, we are the most cost-efficient firm for your financial growth.
constant innovation

Constant Innovation

We constantly improve our methods and techniques with a touch of digital innovation.
complete assistance

Complete Assistance

From acknowledging to intelligent solutions, we offer complete assistance for all your needs.

Our Achievements


Our Satisfied Clients

Our Journey So Far...

The Breakthrough

Having started with Life Insurance, we added Mutual Funds, Deposits, and Bonds in 2004 and became Lifetime Solutions.

One-Stop Avenue

In 2009, we added Health Insurance with the belief that people’s savings should not be exhausted in paying huge medical bills.

Everyday Growth

After achieving MDRT for 10 years, we became Lifetime Investment Services and today we have a strong back-office team of 8 people. We’re proud to be serving the third generation of our clients.

The Journey Begins!

With the aim to protect the financial future of individuals and families, we stepped out of our homes to spread financial literacy among everyone, especially women.

Digital Amalgamation

To keep up with the digitized world, we opted for technology assistance to serve our clients better and give them 24x7 access to their portfolio using software.

Journey of Lifetime investment services

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